SaaS for creating & running repeatable processes and SOPs with your team.

Sold in 2021, still running under new ownership
February 1st, 2019

ProcessKit is a SaaS product used by teams who run services built around repeatable processes (standard operating procedures).

It enables creation of complex "if this then that" checklists with a simple and intuitive interface. Teams can then deploy and track these checklists on a repeatable basis.

Key features

  • Dynamic process builder

  • Repeatable checklist templates

  • Team member invites & permissions

  • Customer onboarding interface

  • Zapier integration

  • Responsive mobile interface

  • Stripe billing

Business history

Brian Casel was the original founder, designer, developer, and product manager from 2019-2021. In 2021 Brian sold this business to Jason Gill, who continued to run and operate the business going forward.

The product studio of Brian Casel, a full stack software product designer and developer.

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