A simple SaaS for creating & publishing Twitter threads.

Sold in 2020. The new owner shut it down.
December 1st, 2019

Thready was a simple SaaS app that was a handy tool in the days when "Threads" were popular on Twitter (now known as "X"). It enabled you to easily draft Twitter threads and then schedule them to publish.

Key features

  • Turn a long-form piece of writing into multiple threaded Tweets

  • Schedule Twitter threads to publish at a future date

  • Share previews of Thread drafts with clients

  • Stripe billing

Business history

Brian Casel was the founder, creator, designer, developer and product manager for this product. He launched it in 2019 and ran for about a year before selling it to a new owner. The new owner decided not to continue with the project.

The product studio of Brian Casel, a full stack software product designer and developer.

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