Mobile App Developers

From native apps for iOS and Android to mobile-responsive web apps, we always take a mobile-first approach.

Before we get into building dedicated native mobile apps for release in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (for Android devices)—which we have done in some projects—we always start every app by designing a well-rounded fully mobile-responsive web application that can be used on any device, any screen size, and any browser.

When designing UIs, we always take a mobile-first design approach. Our heavy use of TailwindCSS makes that particularly effective. By mobile-first, that means we first ensure that the interface looks, reads, and functions beautifully at small handheld-sizes, then gradually iterate and adapt the design as it goes to tablet-sized, laptops and desktop screen sizes.

In some projects, customers demans for native mobile applications (released in the app stores) became a priority, so we've developed full-featured apps for iOS and Android, and fully integrate these with APIs from the web application.

The product studio of Brian Casel, a full stack software product designer and developer.

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