Stripe API deveopers

We've gone deep with the Stripe API on just about all of our products.

Stripe has been our obvious go-to when it comes to subscription billing for the SaaS products we've built.

And on that end, we've built all of the common iterations of SaaS subscription billing with Stripe:

  • Free trial to plans

  • User-based pricing

  • Freemium plans with upgraded paid tiers

  • Useage-based pricing

  • Custom-built failed-payment handling

  • You name it...

We've also built selling features using Stripe Connect, where customers can connect their own Stripe account and sell products and services through the platforms we've built.

Overall, we've found the capabilities and API support that the Stripe platform has to offer to be just the tool for the job in basically every project we've been involved with.

The product studio of Brian Casel, a full stack software product designer and developer.

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